Made in the USA This product is made in the USA

The Highlight Industries Synergy is a high profile stretch wrap turntable. Loaded pallets are placed on the turntable and manually stretch wrapped. The Synergy has a 4,000 lb. capacity 48” x 48” diamond-plate, variable speed turntable. The turntable can be started & stopped with a foot switch. The Synergy is portable and can be easily moved with a fork lift.  


  • 48’ x 48” diamond plate turntable
  • 4,000 lb. capacity
  • variable turn speed up to 12 RPM
  • forklift movable
  • start/stop foot switch
  • ¾ HP AC drive




Air: NA

Electrical: 155VAC, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 15 Amp