Highlight Industries is the world’s leader in stretch wrap equipment. It also offers a wide variety of manual and powered stretch wrap equipment, case folding & sealing equipment, table top and pallet strapping systems, and stretch film testing equipment.

Products by Highlight Industries

700 Case Erector

The Highlight Magnum 700 is an adjustable, semi-automatic case-forming and packing station capable of speeds of 8 cases/min1. When an open unfolded box or carton is placed into the Magnum 700, all…

Model 2300 SD-U Case Taper

The Highlight Magnum 2300 SD-U is a top and bottom sealer for uniform boxes or cartons that are longer in length and shorter in height. The dual side belts hold the case securely while the 2300 SD-U…

The Highlight Predator SS is a semi-automated pallet wrapper.

The Highlight Predator SS is a semi-automated pallet wrapper.

XS Semi-Automated Pallet Wrapper

The Predator XS is a versatile pallet wrapping system that automatically pre-stretches the stretch wrap and adjusts the wrap tension for tighter wrapping and reduced costs. The side mount…

Highlight Synergy 0.5 Pallet Wrapper

The Highlight Synergy 0.5 is a manual pallet wrapper with a variable speed turntable and a pedestal mounted stretch film roll.  

Synergy High Profile Turntable

The Highlight Synergy pallet turntables are used to rotate pallets for easier wrapping with a handheld stretch film holder.