Made in the USA This product is made in the USA

The JEM International Eagle NWD is a high speed net weigh bagging scale capable of producing 14 bags per minute with a single head (simplex system), 22 bags per minute with a double head (duplex system) and up to 30 bags per minute with a triple head (triplex system) with an accuracy of ± 2 ounces.

The Eagle NWD scale will pre-weigh the product in a weigh hopper above allowing the system to fill bags, boxes, pails, drums and even super sacks with the multi dump module. Various scale feeder types are available as well as bag spout sizes. On the double head (Duplex) and triple head (Triplex) systems, the scale heads operate independently of each other to allow for one head to be turned off for maintenance while the other side remains fully functional.

The scale includes digital programmable controller with multi-scale screens, auto “smart” mode, memory retained recipe codes, JEM-Link data communication, weigh hopper assemblies, dual load cell design, dust tight scale housing with tool-less access doors on all four sides, lower transition and complete electrical and pneumatic controls package including 24V (low voltage) controls.


  • Up to 15 bags/min.
  • 2.0 or 3.5 cu.ft. hopper
  • Easy hang bag clamp
  • Dual compression load cell
  • Rinstrum R423 controller
  • Mild steel construction


  • Duplex & triplex configurations
  • Dust tight bag clamp
  • Feeders
    • Gravity gate w/bulk & dribble feeder
    • Gravity gate w/vibratory pan feeder
    • Belt feeder
    • Auger feeder
  • Stainless steel contact surfaces
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Food grade package
  • Heavy duty aggregate package for stones


  • Air: 100 PSI @4CFM (simplex)
  • Electrical: 110/220 VAC, 1PH, 50Hz (gravity feeder)