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Products by JEM International

JEM BF-10 Bag Flattening Incline Conveyor

The JEM International BF-10 is a 10’ long, incline, dual belt, bag flattening conveyor.  The BF-10 is designed to flatten bags to be palletized. Bags that have been flattened tend to make pallets squarer, hold together better, and have less freight damage than pallets with un‐flattened bags. The BF-10 has a 10’ x 24” flat belt […]

JEM KD5 Bag Knockdown/Turning Conveyor

The JEM International KD5 is a knockdown, bag turning, conveyor that receives vertical standing bags, knocks them down, and turns them 90 degrees. The knockdown arm pushes the top of the bag over while the knockdown plate pushes the bottom of the bag out. The roller assembly catches the upper half of the bag and […]

JEM 4-Bagger Conveyor

The JEM International 4-Bagger Conveyor is a bag closing conveyor designed for one operator to bag fill, close and stack at a rate of 4 bags per minute. The 8-foot bag closing conveyor includes a 12-inch-wide belt, 1HP AC motor with variable speed, back rail, two-position foot pedal and wand switch for single operator controls. […]

The JEM International Wildcat GWD is a gross weigh, digital scale for filling open mouth bags. The Wildcat GWD can fill bags from 10 lbs. to 110 lbs. (5 kg – 50kg) at speeds of 8 bags per minute at…

The JEM International Wolverine GWM is a gross weigh, mechanical scale for filling open mouth bags. The Wolverine can fill bags from 10 lbs. to 110 lbs. (5 kg – 50kg) at speeds of 4-5 bags per minute…

The JEM International Eagle NWD is a high speed net weigh bagging scale capable of producing 14 bags per minute with a single head (simplex system), 22 bags per minute with a double head (duplex…

The JEM International Falcon NWD is a high speed net weigh bagging system designed for small open mouth bags and container weights from 1 lb. to 20 lbs. (1/2 -10kg). The scale is offered with a…


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JEM INC10 Incline Transfer Conveyor

The JEM International INC10 is a 10’ flat belt, incline, transfer conveyor. Incline conveyors are typically used to raise bags up from a 24” closing conveyor height to a 42” waist height for easier manual pallet loading. Overall conveyor lengths may be added in 2 foot increments.