Rebuilt & Demo Bagging Equipment

Our large sales volume means that we often have high-quality demonstrators and trade-ins available to you at very competitive prices. Also, we purchase good used equipment that we refurbish and resell—meaning that we would like to speak with you if you have any equipment for sale.

Refurbished—Not Just Refinished

Don't be fooled by a new paint job. Any rebuilt equipment you purchase from us is completely refurbished so that it meets original factory specifications and merits our 60-day 100% Parts & Labor Limited Warranty.

And our demos are backed by a 6-Month Factory Warranty.

Check our current stock

Below is a list of demos and/or rebuilts that we have available. But contact us for the most up-to-date list, because it can change daily.

Current Rebuilts and Demos

PBC 6000 hot air, heat sealing, pinch bag closer for multi-wall paper bags

Fischbein PBC 5600 Pinch Bag Sealer



Sealing open mouth, multi-walled paper bags with pre-glued fold over flap.

DEMO Fischbein F-Series Portable Bag CloserDEMO Fischbein F-Series Portable Bag Closer Quickly and tightly closes multi-wall paper, woven polypropylene, jute, and other types of bags.
Fischbein Model 400 HP high speed pedestal, mounted plan, sewing system Fischbein Model 400HP Plain Sewing System with high speed Model 200 sewing head & Power Infeed For sewing paper or poly woven open mouth bags.
Union Special 80800C Plain Sewing Head

Union Special 80800C Plain Sewing Head


 Single-needle vertically mounted sewing head designed for medium-to heavy duty work.
Fischbein Model 400T Tape Sewing System with Power Infeed And Bag Top Trimmer

Fischbein Model 400T Tape Sewing System with Model 91 Sewing Head & Power Infeed and Bag Top Trimmer


 For sewing through tape on full sized bag-filling lines.
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DEMO Chantland Model 4199 Valve Bag Filler





Gross weigh, gravity filler for  25# to 220# valve type bags.

Like new, factory warranty

 Express Scale Model GB-32 Gross Weigh Mechanical Bagger

Express Scale Parts 

 Model GB-32

Gross Weigh Mechanical Bagger


Designed to fill bags of free flowing material 25 lb-110 lb weight range.