The oil pump (part # 11450) has been designed to dispense the correct amount of oil for approximately four (4) hours of operation under reasonable operating conditions. The oil pump must be pumped twice every four (4) hours during use, while in an upright position. Or, if machine use is infrequent, pump twice before each time operating.

Always use genuine Fischbein Lubricating Oil (Part # 5-100—quart or Part # 11190—4 ounces oil and D5 needles). Make sure the oil reservoir is full before operating and do not operate ECR with the oil reservoir cap (part # 11453) removed. The oil level can be viewed through the clear end of the reservoir.

The wicking inside the housing carries the dispensed oil to other moving parts near the looper and needle bar. Do not remove the wicking from the ECR. If the wicking (part # 11508) becomes worn and thin, replace it immediately.

If your system is equipped with crepe tape, keep the tape knives lubricated with a thin layer of oil. Wipe off all excess oil.