Following are links to procedures for daily & weekly cleaning, routine maintenance, lubrication, needle & looper replacement & adjustment, threading, thread tension adjustment, and troubleshooting of your Fischbein Model D, Model ECR & Model F hand-held portable bag sewers.

Lack of lubrication is the most common cause of your Fischbein portable sewing machine failure. Routine cleaning and maintenance will insure that your Fischbein hand-held sewer will continue to operate at its optimum performance.

Broken thread, loose & skipped stiches, and broken needles will occur over time, but these can usually be corrected with a simple adjustment. The Troubleshooting and Tips sections will help you determine the cause and offer suggestions on how to prevent future occurrences.

Inpak can source all the parts you need to repair your Fischbein Model D, Model ECR & Model F handheld portable bag sewers. Please see our Parts section to help identify precisely what you need. Also note that while the Model D and Model ECR are no longer manufactured, many parts are interchangeable with the Model F, and Inpak can service or repair either model.