More than one in three recent repairs came to us with the needle inserted either backwards or sideways. This means that incorrect needle position may be a primary cause for many of the problems you may be having with your Fischbein Portable Sewing Machine.

As a free service, we offer you the following instructions on needle replacement:

    1. Loosen the NEEDLE BAR NUT # 11501 (Figure 5) using the 3/8″ wrench provided with the machine.

    1. Turn the MACHINE PULLEY # 11904 (Figure 4) until the needle is at its highest point.
    2. Remove the NEEDLE (D5) by pulling it down and away from the nut.
    3. Insert the new needle into the NEEDLE BAR # 11500 as far as it will go. The long groove in the needle must face toward the LOOPER COVER # 11102. (Figure 4)
    4. Tighten the needle bar nut firmly, using the wrench provided with the machine.