.American Newlong

American-Newlong is a leading manufacturer of automated, open-mouth bag packaging and closing systems and equipment. They offer a wide range of bag sewing machines, automatic bag heat sealers, robotic bag palletizers, bag making machines and semi-automated and automated bagging equipment that weigh, pack, close, check weigh, distribute, and palletize. American-Newlong equipment is proven to perform reliably in the food, fertilizer, grain, feed, and chemical industries, among others.

Products by American-Newlong

Portable Sewers

  • Newlong NP-7A Mail in Repair

    Inpak Systems offers a mail-in repair service for the American Newlong NP-7A portable bag closer/sewer.Our mail-in repair service includes: a free inspection and a repair estimate if requested. Your...

Bag Sewing Equipment

  • American Newlong NP-7A

    Newlong NP-7A Portable Bag Closer

    IN STOCK, IMMEDIATE DELIVERYAmerican Newlong NP-7A is a high speed, hand-held, portable bag closer that uses a single thread, 3” chain stitch to close paper, cotton, hessian/burlap/jute and PP/...