1. Always let the sewing machine do the work. Do not pull the bag or materials through it. Doing so can cause needle breakage, part damage or improperly sewn bags.
  2. The best things you can do for your sewing machine are:
    • Keep machine well oiled – the machine can only “leak” if the oil pump or the oil manifold is cracked. The machine has an open oiling system with no seals and cannot be over oiled.
    • Keep the machine clean (see our routine maintenance & cleaning page).
  3. At the first sign of sewing problems put in a new needle. The proper installation of a new needle will solve many problems (see our needle replacement page).
  4. After trying items suggested in the tips, troubleshooting or other maintenance pages and machine does not work properly it is likely to need further service from an Inpak Systems factory trained Service Technician. Please send to Inpak Systems for repair, or call for a UPS pickup tag (extra charges apply).