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JEM Wildcat GWD Gross Weigh Digital Bagging Scale
The JEM Wildcat GWD Gross Weigh Digital Bagging scale is designed to weigh free-flowing materials such as corn, soybeans, salt, pellets, prilled fertilizers, and sugar. It offers an economical approach to filling bags from 20 lb. to 110 lbs. (10 kg – 50kg) with typical production speeds of 8 bags per minute.

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Key features of the JEM Wildcat GWD include:

  • High accuracy: Delivers ±2 ounce (50 gram) accuracy, twice that of the JEM Wolverine GWM, improving product consistency and reducing waste
  • Increased speed: Fills bags at 8 bags per minute, significantly faster than the JEM Wolverine GWM, boosting productivity and throughput
  • Digital programmable controller: Simplifies operation with recipe storage and recall for repetitive filling tasks, minimizing setup time and human error
  • NEMA 4X-IP65 rated: Dust-tight design. Ensures dust and water resistance, is suitable for harsh industrial environments, and is easy to clean
  • Air-operated center grip spout: Holds bags securely during filling and provides foot pedal activation for hands-free operation
  • 220 lb single point compression load cells: Offers reliable weight measurement for consistent accuracy
  • Bulk and dribble gravity gate: Provides controlled product flow while minimizing dust and spillage
  • JEM-Link data and troubleshooting connection: Enables remote access and data collection for monitoring and optimizing performance
  • Multiple feeder options: Choose from belt, auger, or gravity-vibratory pan feeders to suit different product types and flow characteristics
  • Quick-change spout options: Simplify bag size changes with optional second spouts and quick connect/disconnect system
  • Low voltage (24V) controls: Enhance safety and reduce electrical hazards
  • Durable construction: Available in mild steel or stainless steel options for long-lasting operation and easy cleaning

Benefits of the JEM Wildcat GWD include:

  • Increased production efficiency and output: Faster filling speed and reduced setup time lead to higher production volumes
  • Improved product accuracy and consistency: Minimizes over/underfilling and ensures accurate product weight in each bag
  • Reduced waste and material costs: Accurate filling and controlled product flow minimize spillage and product loss
  • Simplified operation and reduced labor costs: Recipe storage and foot pedal activation streamline operation and require less manual effort
  • Enhanced data collection and analysis: JEM-Link connection enables monitoring and optimizing bagging performance for continuous improvement
  • Durable and low-maintenance design: Rugged construction and simple operation minimize maintenance needs and downtime
  • Improved worker safety: Low voltage controls and hands-free spout activation enhance safety in the workplace

The JEM Wildcat GWD is a versatile and affordable bagging scale that is ideal for a variety of industries, including:

Food and Beverage Industry:

  • Bagging coffee beans, rice, flour, sugar, snacks, pet food, and other dry goods
  • Filling pouches with liquid or semi-liquid food products like sauces, condiments, and juices
  • Portioning ingredients for pre-packaged meals and kits

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • Bagging powdered chemicals, fertilizers, and cleaning products
  • Filling containers with pharmaceutical powders and granules
  • Handling hazardous materials with proper containment and safety features

Manufacturing and Industrial Applications:

  • Bagging plastic pellets, resins, and other small parts
  • Filling bags with sand, gravel, and other construction materials
  • Packaging hardware, tools, and other industrial products
  • Filling bags with seeds, soil, and other agricultural products
  • Packaging animal feed and pet food.
  • Handling bulk materials in various industries

Quick Comparison of JEM Wildcat GWD v JEM Wolverine GWM models

Type comparison:

  • JEM Wildcat GWD: Digital
  • JEM Wolverine GWM: Mechanical

Accuracy comparison:

  • JEM Wildcat GWD: ±2 ounces (50 grams)
  • JEM Wolverine GWM: ±4 ounces (100 grams) 

Speed comparison:

  • JEM Wildcat GWD: 8-9 bags per minute
  • JEM Wolverine GWM: 5-6 bags per minute

Capabilities comparison:

  • JEM Wildcat GWD: Faster, more accurate, programmable, NEMA 4X-IP65 rated
  • JEM Wolverine GWM: Simple, durable, economical

Applications comparison:

  • JEM Wildcat GWM: Lower-volume production, budget-conscious operations 
  • JEM Wolverine GWD: Higher-volume production, accuracy for critical applications

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