Express Scale Parts & Manufacturing

ESP OfficeA true pioneer in the packaging industry since 1978, Express Scale Parts & Manufacturing, Inc. has produced bagging systems, conveyors, palletizers and other packaging equipment that are now used in all 50 states and over 55 countries worldwide. Its customers have come to expect durability and consistency from its products along with unmatched customer and technical service. Its business goal is simple; they strive to meet these expectations for another 35 years and beyond.

Although they have been behind the scenes for many of those years concentrating on manufacturing, they definitely enjoy the sales side of the business working with distributors and end users. Change can be challenging, but moving forward you can trust their entire staff with over 175+ years of experience to complete your order correctly, on time, and with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Or as they like to call it…….."THE RIGHT WEIGH™”

Products by Express Scale Parts & Manufacturing

Bag Closing Conveyors

  • Express Scale 600 tabletop flat belt bag closing conveyor for smaller bags

    Express Scale 600 Tabletop Bag Closing Conveyor

    The Express Scale Model 600 is a tabletop flat belt bag closing conveyor used to move smaller, lower-weight bags, boxes, and canisters through heat sealers or sewing heads in an upright position. The...

  • 4 bag manual flatbed conveyor system for bag filling and bag closing

    Express Scale Model 4-Bagger Conveyor

    The 4-Bagger is an economical, manually operated, bag filling and bag closing flatbed conveyer system from Express Scale. It is designed so that a single operator can fill, gusset, close and re-...

  • Model 400 bag closing belt conveyor used with commercial a sewing head

    Express Scale Model 500 Bag Closing Belt Conveyor

    The Express Scale Model 500 is a bag closing belt conveyor usually operated in conjunction with commercial sewing head. The Model 400 is an 86” long conveyor with a ½ HP variable-speed DC motor that...

  • Model 900 bag closing flat belt conveyor for sewing or heat sealing

    Express Scale Model 900 Bag Closing Conveyor

    The Express Scale Model 900 is a bag closing belt conveyor designed to transfer filled bags in an upright position through a closing system such as a heat sealer or a sewing head. The Model 900 has a...

  • Model 900V V belt bag closing conveyor for a sewing head or heat sealer

    Express Scale Model 900V V Belt Bag Closing Conveyor

    The Express Scale Model 900V is a dual V belt, bag closing conveyor designed to be used in conjunction with a sewing head or heat sealer.  Twin V-configured 8” wide 3 ply rough-top neoprene...

Bag Turners

  • Model BK12 Bag Kicker kicks bags from an upright to a flat position

    Express Scale BK12 Bag Kicker

    The Express Scale Model BK12 Bag Kicker is a horizontal, slider-bed, belt conveyor that automatically “kicks” filled bags from an upright, top-up position to a flat, bottom-first position....

  • Model BT24: conveyor that knocks down bags to a flat, bottom-first position

    Express Scale BT24 Bag Turner

    The Express Scale Model BT24 Bag Turner is an inline, slider-bed conveyor that knocks down and turns upright, top-up bags to a flat, bottom-first position. The Model BT24 typically is used to receive...

Open Mouth Belt Baggers

  • Express Scale EBS Junior Volumetric Bagger

    Express Scale EBS Junior Volumetric Bagger

    The Express Scale EBS Junior is a semi-automated, portable, volumetric bag filler. It is ideal for bagging sand, dirt, rocks, compost and screened mulch up to 30 BPM.The EBS Junior has a self-...

Open Mouth Bag Filling Scales

  • ESP Model JM-FF-ED is an automated gross weigh bag scale

    Express Scale JM-FF-ED Electronic Gross Weigher

    Fully electronic and digitally controlled, the JM-FF-ED Electronic Gross Weigher* simultaneously weighs and fills open-mouth bags weighing between 20 and 110 pounds at speeds up to eight bags per...

  • Express Scale CM-780 Net Weigh Bag Filler

    Express Scale Model CM-780 Net Weigher Bagging Scale

    The Express Scale CM-780 is a net weigh* filler for 10-110 lb. bags, boxes or drums. The CM-780 has a fill rate of 8 bags/min. (simplex) with an accuracy of +/- 2 oz. Available in simplex or duplex...

  • GB Series gross weigh bagger is a manually operated, mechanical scale, bag fille

    Express Scale Model GB-32 Gross Weigh Bagger

    The Express Scale GB-32 Bagging Gross Weigher is a manually operated, mechanical scale, bag filling machine.  The GB-32 can simultaneously weigh and fill up to 7 open-mouth bags/minute....

  • Express Scale GBAO air operated, gross weigh scale for open mouth bags

    Express Scale Model GBAO Air Operate Bagger

    The  Express Scale MOdel GBAO is an air operated, gross weigh* scale designed for filling open mouth bags, drums & boxes with free flowing dusty products  such as premixes, mineral and...

  • JMDT 600 an industrial bag filler for free-flowing dusty materials

    Express Scale Model JM Electronic Bagger

    The JM series are manually operated, electronic, gross weigh bagging scales for free-flowing dusty products. The JM has a mechanical gross weigh scale and is designed to simultaneously weigh and fill...

Automatic Bagging Systems

  • Express Scale LBS-BP Automatic Bag Placer

    Express Scale LBS-BP Automatic Bag Placer

    The Express Scale Parts & Manufacturing (ESP) LBS-BP Bag Placer automatically picks and hangs bags on your weigh scale system. Its compact design is easily adaptable for installation in existing...

  • ESP Fleximation 2001 automated bag hanger for flat bottom bags

    Express Scale Model 2001 Small Bag Hanger

    The Express Scale Fleximation Model 2001 is an automated small bag hanger for flat bottom, re-sealable paper, Mylar and plastic bags and stand-up pouches. The Model 2001 has a production speed of 6...


Incline & Horizontal Transfer Conveyors

  • Express Scale Model 2414 incline, roller bed, power belt conveyor

    Express Scale Model 2414 Incline Conveyor

    The Express Scale Model 2414 is an incline, roller bed, power belt conveyor. The 10’ long x 24” wide Model 2414 incorporates a roller table to receive bags top-first from a bag-closing conveyor and...

Small Weighments

  • Express Scale 5GV net weigh scale for < 25 lb. bags

    Express Scale Model 5GV Net Weigher

    The Express Scale 5GV is a net weigh* scale for 0.5 lb. to 25 lb. paper bags, plastic bags, boxes and pails. The 5GV is available in simplex, duplex, triplex and fourplex models. Depending on...

Bag Flatteners

  • Model BF is an inline dual belt conveyor that flattens filled bags

    Express Scale Model BF 2414 Bag Flattener

    Express Scale Model BF Bag Flattener is a roller bed, incline, belt conveyor designed to flatten and form filled bags for better palletizing. The standard twin 20” wide roller bed belts automatically...